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Oct. 7th, 2017 08:57 pm
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thanks so much for offering to write in one of these fandoms! I love them all and I very much look forward to whatever you come up with. These prompts are merely meant as suggestions; if you have an idea of your own, please go ahead and use it, for I want you to have fun. I only ask that you refrain from including any of the elements on my "dislike" list.

Likes: Backstory, gap fillers, things set pre-/post-canon, fix-it AUs, canon-divergence AUs in general, complicated relationships (romantic/sexual or otherwise), complex power dynamics, character studies, repression, awkwardness, details that flesh out the characters' everyday lives (about food, for instance), seeing canonical characters/events from different POVs.

Dislikes: Dubcon/noncon, graphic violence, character bashing, Stockholm Syndrome/people falling in love with their abusers, modern AU, prostitution if treated in an eroticised, glorified, or light-hearted way, kidfic (though stories about the canon characters' childhoods are more than welcome). I'm okay with racism/sexism/homophobia if it's relevant to the story, and I'm fine with any rating you want to write.

The Unlit Lamp -- Radclyffe Hall (any)

I wrote a whole post about this book when I first read it years ago, which can be found here. I really like these characters with their strengths and flaws; even Mrs Ogden demands pity, abhorrent as she is. I think there are several fascinating layers to the Joan/Elizabeth relationship, like the hints that part of Elizabeth's interest in Joan comes from some desire to live out her own ambitions through her. If you wanted to write a canon-divergence AU fic where Joan goes to London instead of staying with her mother, that would be really awesome. A fix-it may be hard (though if you pulled it off, that would be great!), but it would be interesting to see how things would have turned out if Joan had made a different choice -- she might be unhappy still, but perhaps not to the same extent or in the same way.

If you'd rather write a canon-compliant fic, either set post-canon or a missing scene, I'm all for that; seeing Mrs Ogden and Elizabeth duke it out would be especially interesting. If you want to bring other characters, like Colonel Ogden, Milly, or Richard Benson, that's more than welcome too! Pretty much anything in this fandom would make me more than happy. (Only caveat is that I don't ship Richard/Joan in any way.)

The Night Watch -- Sarah Waters (Kay Langrish)

Kay is one of my favourite characters in the book: I love her romantic leanings, her vulnerability, her heroism, but I also love her flaws, most notably her need to put her partners on a pedestal. I'm especially interested in backstory, either about her childhood/youth or the time shortly before canon, but I'd also love to see what happens post-canon -- a hopeful ending would be most welcome. Appearances by any of the characters from the novel would also be welcome.

Some ideas:
- Kay's courtship of Helen after that first encounter -- perhaps as seen through Mickey or Julia's eyes?
- It's implied that Kay and Julia were in a relationship for a while, only Kay never managed to return Julia's feelings. Anything you want to write about that relationship would be welcome (Julia intrigues me a lot as a character).
- When did Kay and Mickey meet? It's implied they have quite different class backgrounds -- did they know each other since childhood? Or did they meet later? Do they have exes in common?
- Kay's family: who are they? Has she cut off contact with all of them (or they with her)? What was her childhood like? What about her early adulthood? (Did anyone ever give her a copy of Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness, and if so, what did she take away from it?)

Les Misérables (1952 movie) (Genflou)

I love the 1952 adaptation of Les Mis in all its strangeness, and I love Genflou way more than he probably deserves, and I'd love to see more fic about him. He ~educates~ Valjean (and others) in prison! He trolls Javert about his father! He's willing to lie in court so that Valjean can go free! (Callously sacrificing Champmathieu, who according to Genflou "is an idiot anyway", but still.) Any further exploration of any of these canon facts would delight me, and so would a story about Genflou escaping the galleys (or getting pardoned?) and interacting with the other characters. Does he meet Myriel? Does he track down Valjean to renew their friendship? Does Cosette fall in love with him instead of Marius? Does he make Robert suspicious and/or jealous? Does he seduce all of them in turn? (I'm up for pretty much any Genflou ship you want to write, including Genflou/Javert's father, though Genflou would probably have to be aged up a bit for that.)

I hope this was helpful, and that you'll have fun!

Thank you so much,
Miss M.


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